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Grant Oil Boilers are a major boiler brand which has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and supplying heating products for over 35 years. It aims to provide eco-friendly solutions that addresses the rising energy costs and CO2 emissions and it is a popular brand courtesy of its top quality oil boilers, in fact, in recent times, the name Grant has been known to refer to highly efficient oil-fired central heating appliances both in Ireland. Here is a quick video history of Grant:

Two Types of Grant Oil Boilers - Vortex Pro and Vortex Eco

Grant Oil Boilers are of two types - the Vortex Pro and the Vortex Eco, both of which come in various specifications to allow the user flexibility on installation choices. Grant Oil Boilers are highly efficient condensing boilers, they are made with a stainless steel heat exchanger which has a larger surface area and low water content to improve the hot water performance of the boiler.

Grant Oil Boilers – The Advantages

Grant Oil Boilers also incorporate a "low-pressure cut-off switch", this means that the boiler immediately shuts itself down once it senses water loss. Grant Oil Boilers also have a “unique turbulator baffle system” and this extracts the latent heat which is usually lost through the flue to be reused in the system - this recycled energy means the boiler can work even more efficiently and this equals lower energy bills.

The Grant Oil Boiler utilizes the latest Riello RDB Blu burner technology and also has a lower operating noise level than the Worcester Bosch boiler.

Grant Oil Boilers are very easy to commission, service and maintain and with the Grand Vortex Condensing Oil Boilers, commissioning is required at installation – commissioning ensures that the boiler works at its very best and thus ensure lower energy costs and the boiler’s durability.

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