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SEAI is Ireland's national sustainable energy authority and its goal is to create a cleaner, sustainable energy future for Ireland and if you want to be part of that beautiful energy efficient journey to, then you should contact us for your SEAI grants. We work with our clients and the SEAI to offer grants to our customers and these grants can make investments several times more affordable and cheaper for you.

SEAI Grants - What's Available?

We offer SEAI Grants in Heating Control Upgrades which include Heating Controls Upgrade with Oil or Gas condensing boilers with an SEAI Grant of €700 for Heating Controls Upgrade; Solar Heating at €1200 and Building Energy Rating (BER) with an SEAI Grant of €50 (Cash Grants are a set value except the expenditure is below the set value, in which case the actual expenditure will be reimbursed).

SEAI Grants and Heat Pumps

In 2018 the Minister for Environment and Climate Change announced that there is a grant of up to €3500 towards the cost of installing an air to water heat pump. To get a better understanding of what Heat Pump Technology is, the SEAI have produced a handy information booklet here and also see our link on our website, Air to Water Heat Pumps where will describe the benefits for you, your home or premises.

SEAI Grant and Solar Heating

Still wondering at what point you might need an SEAI Grant, well, you would when installing Solar Heating in your house - we offer an SEAI Grant for solar heating at €1200 - as solar heating is highly important because it obtains its power from the sun and hence it is clean, free and everywhere, even more so, it is the most affordable of all energy sources as the sun is free for all and while setting up a solar thermal panel which is used to obtain the sun's energy might cost you, this SEAI Grant of €1200 would make you unaware of the total cost.

Heat Pumps – The Advantages

Heat pumps can be an extremely energy-efficient form of heating and cooling. The advantages of Air to Heat Pumps are many, such as; Up to 300% greater efficiency, lower running costs, doubles up as an air conditioning system in hot conditions and is easier on the environment than other forms of heating systems.

For more information see our Air to Water Pumps page here.

SEAI Grants – Summary – Financial Chart

You can apply online for a SEAI Grant using this link, or give the team a call if you need any assistance or have any question.  For your benefit, see our SEAI Grant Chart below:

Existing New in 2018
Heat Pump (air to water, ground source, water source, exhust air) effective April 2018 - €3,500
Heat Pump (air to air) - €600
Heating Controls €600 €700
External Wall Insulation Detached €4,500 €6,000
Semi-detached or end of terrace €3,400 €4,500
Detached €2,250 €2,750

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So, why not contact us to install your solar heating panels for an SEAI Grant of up to €800 and if you have any enquiries regarding SEAI Grants for Boiler Upgrades or Replacements contact us today via email to:, or call direct on: 046 900 0910 or 086 895 7290.  See all our contact details on our Contact us page here.